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Allow callers to choose which department they need and have their call automatically routed to the correct individual that handles those responsibilities!


WorkEasy speaks to Caller:
For Sales press 1,
for Customer Service press 2,
for Technical Support press 3...

Caller's action:
Presses 2.

WorkEasy to You:
WorkEasy call for Customer Service. To accept the call press 1, to send it to voice mail press 2...

Your action:
Pressed 1.

You to Caller:
Customer Service, this is Jeff. Can I help you?

Major benefits of using Departments:

  • Departments allow callers to choose what they want and have their call automatically routed to the appropriate person in your organization.
  • Each Departments can point to a different Extension (or person) so different people in your organization can seamlessly take over different responsibilities.
  • Departments can help your company appear larger and give your callers a more secure feeling that they're calling an established business...not a one man operation.
  • Departments tell you which selection the caller made (you personally or a particular Department) so you know how to answer the call ("Jeff" or "Customer Service").
  • Department's come with their own mailbox greeting(s) so your can provide relevant information based upon the department selected and your callers can leave a message for the Department they selected.
  • Each Department can have it's own unique hours of service so you can have offer limited or extended hours for special departments based upon your needs.
  • When you listen to your voice mail messages, WorkEasy tells you which Department your caller selected so you can differentiate them from messages left for you personally.
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