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Why WorkEasy

It's a Serious Solution!

WorkEasy Advantage
  • In business since 1988!  WorkEasy is the industry leader and most trusted name in virtual office services.

  • We Earn Your Business - NO term commitment, NO contract, NO minimum usage!

  • Minutes roll over month-to-month - so you don't over pay!

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! Voice mail guarantee.

  • Highest quality platform - Most reliable voice mail service in the industry!

  • Fully Customizable voice mail to fit your business's changing needs.

  • 24/7 technical support and system monitoring.

Customers often form their first impression of a company by how their call is handled.  If you run a small business it's critical for you to dispel customers immediate concerns about your size, longevity or even your integrity!

WorkEasy allows you to present your company in a professional, customer-minded manner so that prospects gain a sense of confidence that allows them to base their purchasing decision upon the issues which are truly important - not upon how big you are, how many people work for you or how long you've been in business!  After all, every business started out small, all you need is a chance to prove yourself. WorkEasy gives you a running start!

"Perception is 90% Reality. WorkEasy facilitates the perception of true professionalism in your company. They provide an extremely valuable service to small businesses... Their service has added significant credibility to our small business."

It's Powerful

In addition to giving your small business a corporate polish, WorkEasy was specifically designed to solve the many unique problems you face everyday trying to work from home and on the road.  WorkEasy enables you and your employees to seamlessly separate business from pleasure without sacrificing either.

"... Our trainers work from home-offices across the country and we needed an easy way for customers to reach us, as well as an economical way of communicating internally. WorkEasy gives us the big company perks for the small company budget. My employees love it, I love it, and most importantly, our customers love it!"

It's Flexible

Because a small business tends to be very dynamic, it's critical to have a solution that's quickly and easily adaptable to changing business needs.  A solution that adapts to your business... not one that forces your business to adapt to it!  WorkEasy offers you more flexibility and control than any other solution on the market.  And unlike most providers who simply resell someone else's solution, WorkEasy is our own proprietary solution that we developed from the ground up.  That means we have complete control over every feature we offer.

"It has changed the complete aspect of our business from a home based business to having a corporate presence. We highly recommend this product..."

It's Cost Effective

Beware - "cheaper" isn't always better

It's true.  WorkEasy may not be the cheapest solution - but then again, WorkEasy is not the cheapest solution!

Time has proven again and again that you get what you pay for.  We are often asked, 'why are you more expensive than this other company?'  The answer is simple - it cost money to deliver the highest quality and reliability with the best customer service in the industry.  Over the years we have watched competitors come and go, leaving their customers and their businesses high and dry - we know because they come to us for help.  The cheap services have to make money somewhere... and that somewhere usually comes from salaries for staffing customer service and technical support. It also comes from over packing resources such as access lines which results in prospects getting repeated busies trying to reach your company.

With that said, we constantly strive to cut cost and lower prices wherever and whenever possible.  We understand how hard it is to launch and run a business on a shoestring budget!  But again, our commitment is on providing the best and most professional solution possible to truly help your business succeed.

"WorkEasy is great! I've looked into all the computer boards and phone company options out there - trying to find a flexible AND cost effective solution - WorkEasy is it. I'm truly happy with the service!"

WorkEasy gives you easy and affordable access to the most advanced call processing solutions available. And...

  • There's absolutely NO equipment to buy, software to install or lines to order.
  • You have immediate access to new features and enhancements without having to re-invest in hardware or software upgrades.
  • There's no need to worry about your solution becoming obsolete as time goes on.
  • Unlike a discount carrier, there's NO minimum usage requirement or term commitment.
  • Accounts are usually activated within one business day!
  • You can change your configuration as often as you need to.

It's Reliable

WorkEasy is the most reliable service available!  WorkEasy Corp. has been providing advanced call processing solutions to business customers since 1987. Our unparalleled commitment to quality and reliability make WorkEasy the most dependable solution bar none. Our solutions have received industry recognition and have be successfully utilized by thousands of small businesses - not to mention several industry notables including AT&T, GTE and Western Union.

"With WorkEasy, my business phone, voice mail, and fax always work, and always present a professional and consistent impression of my company."

We're here for you!

We are personally committed to help you succeed - and that's not just lip service.  Unlike most of our competitors, we staff a team of real-live, thoroughly trained, wonderful people with a sense of humor and the sincere desire to help you succeed.  Nowhere else in our industry will you receive better or more sincere service.  We take the time to help you figure out what you need, answer your questions and set up your account to handle calls just the way YOU want.  We'll even steer you in a different direction (or even to a different provider) if WorkEasy, isn't best suited to meet your needs!

"In my 30 year career ... I have learned that a company's culture comes through in service. If the people who serve you care, it's because they are determined to provide service in keeping with what they have promised. The sales people and technicians at WorkEasy went out of their way to take care of me. WorkEasy has the goods."

We truly enjoy the relationships we develop with our customers and strive to make sure that the only way we lose a customer is to have them outgrow us.  We hope we have the opportunity to get to know you and help your business succeed and outgrow us as well!

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